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FAQ About Fresh Water Pearl Earrings

Can you wear fresh water pearls everyday?

Pearls can be worn in any setting, at any time of day. They are a versatile piece of jewelry, and we offer designs that fit all occasions. Pearls improve their quality by wearing them every day. As such, we encourage you to wear them as much as possible – every day if you wish!

Can you shower with fresh water pearl earrings?

Avoid wearing pearls in water. Additionally, the chemicals used in chlorinated water will damage the pearls' finish; they will become dull and lose their luster. To ensure that your pearls remain as beautiful as possible, it is best to remove any jewellery before showering, swimming or sweating.

Do fresh water pearls scratch easily?

Because pearls are organic gems made of calcium carbonate, they can develop scratches.
Additionally, pearls is one of the softer materials utilized in jewelry. They are not quite as hard as gems. You should be aware that your pearls are likely
to get scratched no matter what other jewelry material they come into close contact with.

Do fresh water pearls discolour?

Pearls are delicate, so it is important that you take care of them. If you do not care for and maintain your pearls, you risk the chance of discoloration and
yellowing. This issue happens when there is not enough air circulation or moisture present in the area where pearls are kept. If this occurs, the pearls' organic composition changes, which results in yellowing.

Are fresh water pearls heavy?

Real pearls typically weigh more than fake ones. Feel the weight difference when you gently
toss them up and down in your hand. This technique can be used to evaluate beads manufactured of coated glass or coated plastic.


How can you tell if a pearl is fresh water or salt water?

Freshwater pearls may have deeper shimmer because their nacre is thicker than that of saltwater pearls. But also due to the thicker nacre, freshwater pearls are less lustrous or shiny than saltwater pearls.


In addition, compared to freshwater farmed pearls, saltwater pearls have a more rounded shape.

Are fresh water pearls durable?

Freshwater pearls are renowned for being durable and affordable. They are a great choice for crafters wishing to add distinctive flashes of color to their jewelry
designs without adding too much expense, as well as for inexpensive pearl jewelry presents.

Are fresh water pearls perfectly round?

Rarely are freshwater pearls perfectly round. Actually, just 2% of freshwater pearls are perfectly or nearly perfectly round. The majority of them have erratic shapes, also referred to as baroque or semi-baroque shapes. With the irregular shape of freshwater
pearls, you can wear your necklace or bracelet in a different way every day.
You can match it with any outfit, and it will always look great.

Is fresh water pearl natural?

Freshwater pearl are natural as they grown in lakes, rivers, and ponds.

Freshwater pearls are typically white and resemble Akoya pearls. However, they also produce a variety of pastel colours, including pink, lilac, and peach.

What do fresh water pearls symbolize?

The symbolism of pearls is a reminder to live with a pure heart and open to positive change, and encourages the wearer to be humble in all that they do.

Pearls develop within clams and other mollusks. When a foreign object acts as an irritant inside the shell, fresh water pearls are created. Pearls are also the birthstone for the month of June.