Instructions and Tips about Cleaning Pearl Jewellry

Instructions and Tips about Cleaning Pearl Jewellry

The luster and grace of pearl jewellery are distinctive. When you put on your pearl jewellery, such as your necklace or earrings, you immediately feel more assured. But you must regularly maintain your pearl jewellery if you want it to stay beautiful and look stunning. As pearl jewellery earring is unique from other types of jewellery, it is crucial to understand how to properly clean it. In this aspect, pearl jewellery is unique, and the wrong move can ruin it. Continue reading to find out how to properly clean pearl jewellery to prevent this.


Why is cleaning pearl jewellery more challenging?

Pearls, like coral, amber, jet, are organic gemstones. This indicates that they were produced by a living thing, thus it makes sense that they wouldn't be as hard as other jewels. You are aware that pearls grow within oysters if you own pearl jewellery.

A pearl is nothing more than a material an oyster produces to protect itself from an irritant. The oyster will exude the lustrous nacre material, covering the shell piece, as soon as a small piece of shell enters it. The substance will become thicker and harder over time. Of course, the type of oyster, the water, and the amount of time until the pearl is removed all affect how thick the nacre coating is.

The pearl can be scratched even with thicker nacre. But with a thin nacre layer, this is particularly true. As you might expect, the nacre layer can be harmed by using an ultrasonic cleaner, immersing pearls in water, or brushing them with a hard-bristle brush. Another factor that makes pearl necklaces challenging to clean is the string. A piece of string may weaken and break if submerged for an extended period of time.


Cleaning pearl jewellery

Now that you are aware of the need for extra caution when handling pearl jewellery, let's look at some cleaning solutions. First off, keep in mind that no mechanical cleaning techniques are permitted. neither boiling nor ultrasonics. You must carefully hand-clean your pearl jewelry and exercise extreme caution.


Thing can do for cleaning pearl jewellery

A clean bowl, warm water, and a soft, lint-free towel are required. I would prefer a microfiber cloth. The majority of detergents can harm the pearls, although a very mild cleaning solution can be used. Dip the cloth into the warm water that has been diluted with a small amount of the cleaning solution. Rub the pearls gently with it, being care to clean all sides equally. 

Use a second soft towel dipped in just water to rinse them after you're done washing them. After that, use a soft napkin or other comparable material to dry your pearl jewellery.


Thing can’t do for cleaning pearl jewellery

Let's go over the most worst things you should never do while cleaning pearl jewellery to be sure we've covered all the basics. Don't ever immerse the pearls in water or another liquid, to start. Even if you merely clean them with a damp cloth, don’t put them in the jewellery box and wait until they have dried.

Avoid using polishing cloths or abrasive cleaners. In all seriousness, cleaning pearls can destroy the nacre coating and make them appear boring. Finally, but most importantly, avoid cleaning pearl jewellery too frequently. If you do, the nacre layer will be removed. Try cleaning it every three to four months as an alternative.


What more can you do to keep your pearl jewellery clean?

The location in which you keep your pearls is crucial. To prevent scratches, try not to store them with your other jewellery. Additionally, it's crucial to avoid putting them in an airtight container like a plastic bag. If they become very dry, pearls may turn yellow. If we're talking about a pearl necklace, try hanging it from a necklace tree because they require air circulation. Make sure there is air circulation when placing bracelets, rings, and earrings in the jewellery box's designated compartments.

You should avoid using body lotion or perfume when wearing pearl jewelry, which is another crucial point to keep in mind. Wait a few minutes after applying your body lotion or scent before putting on your jewellery.

If you take good care of your Fresh Water pearl earrings, it will look lovely for a very long time. You can keep your jewellery in top shape as long as you are aware of the proper cleaning procedures for pearls. Read our other articles if you want to learn more about jewellery and fashion and find more information about caring for gemstones.

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